Rock Climbing Instructor

Once Upon Time Outdoors…

I have always had a passion for climbing and the outdoors. I started climbing at age 8, at this time it wasn’t a cliff, it was the side of my house. If it wasn’t my main activity when I was young I always climbed. In my former years I dedicated much of my time to the art of skateboarding. I ran my first marathon in my 30th year and for 10 years I ran long distance trails, like the small race of the UTMB (90 km). Cycling, hiking and ski mountaineering are activities I like to practice. I adore the mountains in winter and enjoy long distance traverse’s in the snowy landscape of remote places.

From The Laser To The Rock

For 15 years I worked in research and development on laser systems dedicated to fundamental research in the Paris region. At this time I was fortunate enough to live in Fontainbleau Forest where I could boulder almost daily! I have since transformed my way of life in search of freedom. I completed my climbing guide certification with the French National Diploma in 2015 and become a climbing instructor. This course is completed over a year and a half. With focus on teaching skills and safety in sport climbing, multi-pitch and trad climbing with individuals of all levels and abilities. My studies offered the opportunity to climb extensively in many regions in France (Les Calanques, Le Verdon and La Jonte are a few favourites). I have enjoyed climbing in Suirana (Spain), Finale Ligure (Italy) and Leonidio (Greece).

A Vertical Life

I continue my journey with the desire to convey the fullness of the great spaces and vertical life. I like sharing the culture and practice of climbing in the outdoors. Serenity, kindness and attentiveness are the qualities I hope to portray with the people I support around the cliffs.

On The Rock Of Kalymnos

My wanderings have brought me to Kalymnos and it’s charm has kept me here. This fascinating island seduced me in many ways: the hospitality of its inhabitants, the mildness of its climate, the quietude of its landscapes and of course the richness of its cliffs. I organise rock climbing trips (6 day courses) and activities by the day for any level so that I can share the magic of this place, it transforms all who come to experience it. Whether you have just a few hours or a few weeks you can enjoy the rock climbing on Kalymnos!

I am fully insured in Professional Liability (contract signed by Allianz)