6-Day Intermediate Rock Climbing Course on Kalymnos

Improve and learn outdoor climbing on some of the most beautiful sport routes in the world.

Perfect Belayer

You will learn how to keep your partner safe, catch a fall, clean the top anchor and lowering.

Improve Your Climbing Skills

Climb on lead, learn different styles and new strategies. Resting is a key element.

Island Ambiance

You will be charmed by the kalymnian hospitality, the beauty of this breathtaking island.

The ideal opportunity to improve your climbing on the most beautiful sport routes in the world.

Are You an Intermediate Climber?

Climbers comfortable at level 5b/c (5.9) to 6a/b (5.10b), or indoor climbers who have never climbed outdoors and climbers wishing to improve their climbing skills.

Come and enjoy this 6 day course, discover the some of the most beautiful sport climbing in the word where you can focus on improving your technique and mental aspects of climbing.

On this course I will cover aspects to ensure your safety and allow you to gain confidence climbing and belaying on the cliffs of Kalymnos.

There is an opportunity to do a day long boat excursion of the surrounding islands, where we will search for the local dolphins and try an exhilarating climb over the sea (deep water solo).

There is plenty of opportunity to experience the beauty and the culture of the island in the scheduled free time, making this the perfect holiday and adventure journey.

The Schedule Of Your Week

6-day intermediate climbing course


Arrive on Kalymnos at the port of Pothia and make your way to your chosen accommodation (see «How to get to Kalymnos» in Useful info tab). We highly recommend you stay in the villages of Masouri or Myrties as these areas are closest to the crags and most convenient for your stay (shops, restaurants etc.).

Days 1 and 2: climbing

4-5 hours of climbing typically in the morning(see What you will learn). The rest of the day relax at the beach, discover the surrounding villagesenjoy your evening with Greek cuisine etc.

Day 3: day long boat trip (optional)

We board for a sea trip. In the vicinity of the island’s fish farms, dolphins are regularly present, jump into the water to try to observe these playful mammals. Try deep water soloingclimb over the sea… it’s unforgettable! Unless you are Alex Honnold you will probably end up in the sea, so be prepared to swim!

Day 4 to 6: climbing

Get back into the rhythm with 4 to 5 hours of climbing. Progress at your own pace on the island’s many routes! One day will be dedicated to climbing on Telendos, the iconic island in front of Kalymnos.


It’s the end of your retreat, feel free to leave whenever you want. The transfer is to be organised by your own means (see the section “how to get there”).

Optional: one or two day of muti-pitch

After your course, it’s possible to discover multi-pitch climbing over one or two days. I can offer to guide you or teach you to become autonomous on multi-pitch. The number of participants is limited to 4.

What You Will Learn

Become a Perfect Belayer to Keep Your Partner Safe

The leader gets all the glory, but the belayer’s job is just as important.

Belaying a leader

Stable Stance, Ready to Stop a Freight Train

Catching a fall

Belayer Must Be Alert and Ready to Catch a Fall at any Moment

Thread the top-anchor and lowering

Thread the Rope and Remove Quickdraws

Climbing communication

Good Communication is Essential in any Human Partnership

Improve you Climbing Skills: Push Your Limit

«The best involve maximum, efficient effort with the body and no effort with the conscious mind—a state of relaxed concentration.»
Arno Ilgner

Sport climbing hazards

Observe Proper Safety Techniques and Be Aware of Hazards

Lead climbing

Quickdraws, Clipping, Freedom

Climbing style

Onsight, Flash, Project


Key Element to Climb at Your Limit

Enjoy Moments of Friendship and Make Memories on the Island

Overwhelming Sunset
Aegean Sea Nearby
13 - 18 April
Spaces available
27 April - 2 May
Spaces available
11 - 16 May
Spaces available
25 - 30 May
Spaces available
8 - 13 June
Spaces available
6 - 11 July
Spaces available
20 - 25 July
Spaces available
3 - 8 August
Spaces available
17 - 22 August
Spaces available
31 August - 5 September
Spaces available
28 September - 3 October
Spaces available
12 - 17 October
Spaces available
26 - 31 October
Spaces available
9 - 14 November
Spaces available

The price includes

  • 6 days of climbing lessons with a qualified instructor (4-5h/day)
  • Climbing equipment provided (excluding climbing shoes)
  • Daily transfers to / from climbing spots

The price does not include

  • Meals
  • Accommodation
  • Transfer to and from Kos airport to accommodation
  • Activities not mentioned in the program or other expenses incurred
  • Cancellation and multi-risk insurance
  • Anything not mentioned in “the price includes”
  • Number of participants : 6 maximum
  • Minimum age for courses is 12 years old and children under 16 must accompanied by an adult (contact me for further details).
How to get to Kalymnos?

It is recommended you arrive at Kos airport, then take a bus or taxi to Mastichiari port, where you can take the boat to Kalymnos. While waiting for your ferry, do not hesitate to enjoy the small beach, bars and restaurants nearby. First steps to island life!

You can also choose a flight with a longer stop over in Athens. This will allow you to rest there for a night, or even take the time to visit the city if your schedule allows it. It is also possible to take a ferry from Athens, but beware the travel time of the ferry is 12 hours. Check flights, hotels and ferries accordingly.

Ferry from Kos to Kalymnos

Ferry departures usually run late into the evening, remember to check the schedules in case you need to spend the night on Mastichiari (up to date ferry schedule can be found here : It takes about 30 minutes to cross with the fast ferries (45 minutes with the slow ones). There is no need to reserve the ferry in advance, a small ticket desk will open on the harbour just before departure. A taxi from the airport to the port of Mastichiari takes about 7 minutes and costs 15€. Some buses are also available (2,5€), they don’t take too much longer but are limited and can sometimes be late.

How to get to your accommodation?

Arrive on Kalymnos at the port of Pothia, and make your way to your chosen accommodation (feel free to ask me where to stay). It’s highly recommended you stay in the villages of Masouri or Myrties as they are closest to the crags and most convenient for your stay (shops, restaurants etc.). Buses and taxis are available at the port.

When to arrive?

I advise you to arrive at least one day before the start of the course. Activities start on Day 1 in the morning.

Where do we eat?

There is a wide variety of options for dinning depending on your budget. I’m happy to provide you with suggestions and always enjoy sharing a meal after a long day of climbing.

What you should bring?
  • Climbing shoes (possible to rent in local climbing shop)
  • Sensible footwear for the approach (running or hiking shoes)
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Bag to bring equipment (minimum 30 litres)
  • Your sense of adventure!

One week climbing with Fred was a great experience!
When you are on the rock with him, you immediately notice what an experienced climber and instructor he is and what a pleasure he has in sharing his profound knowledge. He perfectly responded to my abilities and wishes, taught me new aspects of climbing and enabled me to make new experiences (Deep water soloing, multipitching). He prepared me so well that I always felt safe!
But Fred was so much more than a climbing instructor! Due to his likeable nature it is also a great pleasure to have a beer with him. He seems to know everything and everyone on Kalymnos. He introduced me to the best places to climb, eat, drink and meet great people.
Thanks to Fred I took home new knowledge, experiences and a lot more confidence in the field of climbing AND the full Kalymnos experience! Thank you again so much for that, Fred! I am really looking forward to see you again on the wonderful island Kalymnos!

CosimaParticipant of the 6-day intermediate climbing course in July 2019

Fantastic day out with Fred! If you have an interest in climbing and are looking for a fun and exciting day advantage you will have an excellent time! I booked a day of sport climbing last year in July. I learned so much; new climbing techniques, a new knot, how to belay safely and how to clip for leading much more efficiently. He made the lesson fun and light hearted, going just at my pace. I felt completely safe and confident in everything he was teaching. I can't recommend enough! Thanks Fred!

DemiParticipant of July 2018

Merci beaucoup Fred, pour tout ! Pour ta pédagogie durant les séances d'escalade, pour ta bonne humeur, pour ton enthousiasme, pour nous avoir fait découvrir tous les restos délicieux, les paysages à couper le souffle ! Ce voyage n'aurait jamais été aussi génial sans toi. I will be back!

SarahParticipant of the July 2017 trip

Déjà dis et redis mais encore un immense merci pour tout Fred. Ce séjour en ta compagnie était parfait. Au plaisir de te revoir!

FrédéricParticipant of the September 2018 trip

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